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About Our Craft

1947.  Bold Year.  Bold Beer.

1947. It’s not just a number—it was a year where the unthinkable and impossible became reality.

1947 symbolizes what this beer represents. A year in which the world witnessed some amazing accomplishments, and people dared to think differently:


1947.  A beer for those that dare to think differently.


India gained its independence after being ruled for 200 years


Cambridge University began to admit women as full time-students


The basic concept of cellular phones was created



Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier becoming the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball

Great Standalone Beer,
Pairs Extremely Well with Food

So what’s 1947 taste like?

Since 1947 represents a bold year, we couldn’t just have a beer that tasted ordinary.  We handcrafted a light bodied lager with great rich character that is reflective of its name.  The beer is flavorful on the front end and is specially brewed to have a smooth finish.

And we didn’t stop there.  We also dared to think differently.  We pushed beyond the limits of a great beer and wanted to create the perfect beer that would complement food with a little kick - because sometimes you need a little kick to accomplish great things!  And our palettes were tired of the same old, tentative responses.

So take your pick—Indian, Asian, BBQ, Mexican fare.  1947 offers the perfect pairing for food with a little spice to it.

So much so that renowned celebrity chefs from around the country are using it in and with their recipes.


And judges with knowledgeable palettes have confirmed what a great standalone beer this is:

An Award-Winning Craft Beer

  • #1 Lager Beer at the Bacon & Beer Festival - Seattle

  • #1 Beer at the Beer & Taco Get Down - New York

  • Featured NINE times at the James Beard Foundation House Dinners - New York

  • Top 3 Beer at the Hops & Props Festival - New York

  • Top 3 Beer at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival - New York

  • Top 3 Beer at the Queens BBQ Smokedown & Brew Fest - New York

A Premium Lager for Those Bold Enough to Stand Out

Branded with an iconic elephant that culturally represents power and intelligence, 1947 is a story to be told boldly, and chosen proudly.


What 1947 represents is impossible to forget.

We are telling our bold story, one bar, one restaurant, one distributor at a time.  

They’ve listened, and you can now enjoy 1947 in places across the country, from New York all the way to Seattle.

Our story goes down as smooth our beer.  And we’re not done telling it yet.

Do you dare to think differently?


However You Enjoy It, Do It Boldly.

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