Welcome to 1947 Premium Lager!

We chose the name 1947 for our beer because it's a bold year. In fact, 1947 was a year of showcasing boldness:

  • India courageously gained its independence
  • Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to play professional baseball
  • Cambridge University began to admit women as full time-students
  • And it was the year that someone dared to think differently, kicking off the basic concept of cellular phones

All breakthrough thinking...

...just like our beer.

Tired of having to settle for just any beer, we decided to set a new standard. Our careful selection of only the finest ingredients produced a beer that is unlike any you have tasted - it is in rich in color, smooth in taste and leaves a crisp and refreshing feel each and every time. This is a beer you want to enjoy with friends. This is our beer.

So go ahead. Think differently. Be bold. Set a new standard.